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25. Will the hair be normal and strong after its growth? How long?
Implanted hair will be exactly the same as those extracted. But its final density will be only submitted between the 12 th and 18 th month.
26. How many operations are necessary?
Each operation aims to leave a natural appearance, and therefore a session may be enough.It shouldn´t get a result in the patient that generates the need for a new operation. Therefore each one will have the possibility according to their means to request a new medical operation.

This will make a real assessment based on his/her experience that will allow advise the patient. The most important thing will be concentrating efforts on the front (receding hairline and the fringe) that may need a transplant 300 to 400 2mm *grafts, according to the transplant area and the density of the donor area.
27. How many times can I operate?
At the receding hairline and to thicken the fringe (Hamilton type III): a session of 300 to 500 2mm* grafts (about 6 hairs on average)
In cases of medium baldness (Hamilton type IV and V ): at least 1 or 2 large sessions of 500 to 600 2mm* grafts (about an average 6 hairs)
In cases of genuine baldness (Hamilton type VI and VII): at least 2 or 3 large sessions of 500 to 600 2mm* grafts for a perfect appearance (rarely 4 sessions)
28. I am totally bald and I do not have a good quality crown...
A detailed analysis based on the received photographs by mail allows identify what possible operation is necessary and what strategy to be adopted.
29. I am a woman who loses my hair in locks ... What can I do?
A consultation with a dermatologist will allow an investigation of the causes and determine any temporal medical treatment. It may raise the transplant when all treatments have been tested and there is some stabilization.
30. I only need to correct my receding hairline and the previous line... Do you think your method is the best?
Do not make the correction with FUE method, the result will disappoint you. An only session will be useless although they promise to unite the maximum grafts. It is very common deceiving the patient with completely fictitious figures of concentration of grafts per cm2. Without mentioning, of course, that this method does not allow the growth of 40 to 60% grafts.

Using «strips» method for this type of baldness is disproportionate. The result in this area is not good.

As for the use of « 2mm* graft» we only recommend the operation for those patients presenting stage III of baldness on Hamilton’s scale. The realization of a single transplant in the first line is too early for a good operation.
31. I would like to perform a transplant but also keep my hair short…
NEVER a transplant must be performed if you want to shave your hair or keep it with a 1.5 cm long. The result will be disappointing and it will require a number of operations to achieve a natural state.

If you have curly hair, your density of hair will allow you to perform a little traumatic transplant and scarless that will provide an excellent result.

BE CAREFUL: dark skins tend to have a difficult healing. Dark spots in the scars or keloids are shown (excessive growth of the skin). A good way to see how your skin cicatrizes is noting an existing somewhere in your body.
32. I have an important scar on my eyebrows and I only wish to make a transplant at that location…
In this case, the best method is FUE of less than one millimeter in diameter. We don’t make this practice because we believe that the results are disappointing and less aesthetic than a tattoo (particularly in women).
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