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17. How many grafts can’t grow?
It's possible but very rare that 1 or 2 grafts don’t grow after the implant of several grafts. Anyway, a good surgeon always implants more grafts than those agreed to ensure that the patient never leaves injured…

However: BE CAREFUL with situations that occur inconvenience, emotional shocks, stress and avoid all treatment, especially on the scalp without the consent of your doctor.
18. Cures for post-operation...
We will leave a compress that we will withdraw the next day. This will prevent an accidental bleeding and prevent, the first night of sleep, an accidental exit of the graft to rotate the head in the pillow. We guarantee you will not lose any graft. Finally, the next day there will be a cleaning to prevent the formation of blood scabs.

At home: you should, for 3 days, morning and evening apply an antiseptic in extracted and implanted areas: NO ANTIBIOTIC! Wash the fourth day. An ointment on the scabs of the grafts from the 4 th day and until its disappearance. Combing the implanted area with a baby brush from 30th to 60 th day and after each washing hair (for removing small flaking skins that can persist), as well as a scalp massage with well stiff fingers and for a minute daily.
19. How long it takes to heal the extracted area? What kind of scars are generated and how they evolve?
The tiny scars are not visible because the grafts are implanted under the hair. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the healing to be effective. The scabs fall and the scars are concentrated in the shape of pinpoint.They keep a pink colour for a few weeks and disappear in the middle of the scalp that grows around them. There is no visible scar. Even shaving hair, leaving 0.5 millimetres long, it would only see in the form of a pinpoint in some cases.
20. Deadline for healing in the implanted area
2 to 4 weeks for the fall of the scab…
21. What time has to happen to my family doesn’t perceive that I have done a transplant?
In the back of the head, where the extraction of the graft was done: If the hair was at least 4 cm long at the time of the operation, nobody will notice anything.

In the area of the implant: If this was done in the middle of the hair then it is virtually invisible. They will see small scabs over a period of 2 to 4 weeks if it was performed in a bald area.

Ultimately : a minimum 8 days off work and if you want a complete discretion, then with 2 to 3 weeks will be enough. Of course you can use any garment to cover the area, such as hat, cap, etc...
22. After the operation, how long can I restart my career?
Although with minimum 4 days off work and rest without social activity is enough, it is always preferable to have a period of 8 days to, in the case of some edema in face can appear, you can be considered suitable for any activity.
23. After the operation, how long can I restart my sporting activity?
During the first 15 days: small sporting activity, avoiding large sweats of the face or scalp.
From day 15 to day 30: All sports except those connected with the ball: avoid collisions with the head.
From the day 30: everything is allowed except solar exposures.

From the 4th day: shampoo and shower daily; swim in a pool with a hat without submerging your head in the water (quick shower when you go out)…
From the 15 th day: head submerged in fresh water, swim in the sea (no waves) with a hat and without submerging the head (quick shower when you go out)…
From the 30 th day: head submerged under sea water, everything is allowed...
24. How long does hair growth take?
The first 2 or 4 weeks you will have a partial loss of small grafted hairs and small scabs.
From 3rd month: your hair stars to grow from the grafts.
Between the 12 th and 18 th month: final density.
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