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Voici parmi des milliers de témoignages quelques-uns qui résument les autres :
I work caring horses, I am 62 years old and I am HIV positive. Two years ago, I asked SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANTATION doctors an operation and they operated according to the method I discovered on Internet. I can guarantee that, after 3 operations, I have now an incredibly dense hair when previously only I had a crown of hair. All this without pain, no scars, no troubles or complications. Now I am happy. Thanks...
I am a journalist of a national television channel and I had a very big problem of hair loss. This hair loss became more marked after a psychological commotion. I have trusted this problem SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANTATION and its 2mm grafts method. I didn’t interrupt my work in front of the camera. No one realized my transplant or my hair loss. The result is wonderful after an operation without pain or scars, and without problems. I got a natural result and the back of the head is normal (without loss of density, no scars or marks).
When I was at 3B Hamilton’s stage, I unfortunately began with operations in a "transplant" factory located in Paris that used "strips" method. I suffered, and still suffer, trouble and pain. The result was little dense, and I have 2cm wide scar ... I wanted thus making a second transplant. This time I studied meticulously the possibilities on Internet and found 2mm grafts method. When I made the operation I thought was benign. Most of the time I was sleeping and I did not have the concept of time spent in the operating room. I didn’t suffer any pain and any scar. There was no need to track very big because I did not have any problems. I have six times more hair than with the first operation and I paid two times less. I greatly regret having made my first operation with strip method.
I am a woman of 57 years who thought that her life didn’t make sense with the complex that my hair caused. I could never decide to operate with Strips method (I didn’t know other method). A friend told me about the new method where 2mm grafts were extracted directly from my hair and I opted for this method but thinking that it was a mistake. Some years later, I found my smile again ... and my husband. My life has completely changed and I do not regret at no time have waited so long for this method so smooth. I could understand the difference when a friend, who carried out the "Strips" method, watched my result and she compared with her hair.
I am well known as a comic actor but you never know who I am! ... As you will never discover that I have been operated 3 times with 2 mm grafts method. And actually, the result has 100% natural look and it doesn’t see any change in the back of my head.
I am 37 years old and I was operated 3 times with «Strips» method. The result hasn’t been satisfactory and the back of my head was like a ploughed "field" … Commercial centre of transplants proposed some small transplants or additional FUE but they always insisted on the poor result that I could obtain. A friend made me discover 2mm grafts method. I doubled the density and rear was not affected. The doctor even told me that I could make another implant in the future if I felt the need...
I am a known singer. An emotional stress and the fact that my mother had a hair problem took me to not leave home without my wig. However, I still had not lost all my hair and had an important hair density in the back of my head. A famous friend, who had done a magnificent transplant, informed me of 2mm grafts method and I checked out of curiosity. They made me feel secure (it is an important thing taking into account I faint easily just by looking simply an injection or blood). Everything happened in the best way. After 18 months and two transplants, I stopped using wig again and nobody ever asked me anything...
I am Belgian and, with a colleague, I went to perform a transplant in an 'exotic ‘country and more precisely at a clinic whose website was the most beautiful and showy. They said to be the most kind and organized. But now I realize that all their means were invested in improving its image on Internet to the detriment of those that should have been spent to improve their operations. I was operated by a small amount that also included the stay. I requested that they made transplant with the highest number of transplants possible. The operation, in which I bled considerably, lasted ELEVEN HOURS… The doctor was accompanied only by an assistant to extract the "strip". The long and painful operation traumatized me deeply. After a year, the density was so painful that my partner and I moved to Nantes. There we found doctors who practice 2mm grafts. They cheked us and they were surprised the results of our previous operation since one of their main activity is to repair this type of practice. Due to the high fatigue that I had they prescribed a deep analysis. This analysis detected a slight leukemia. Therefore I had to stop all my activity and treat thoroughly for two years. Meanwhile, my companion was operated with 2mm graft transplant twice. I am now completely restored and when I met my partner I didn’t recognize him by the density of hair that he had obtained. As soon as I can, I will also make a 2mm transplant. Even we can move to Dominican Republic where they use the same techniques and surgery equipment than in Europe...
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