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Our new technique:
 « 2mm diameter cylindrical grafts»

In SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANT ® we only use “2mm mini graft” method after contrasting and trying all methods…

It is a meticulous dermatological method that extracts one by one « 2 mm » diameter cylindrical grafts (from 4 to 8 hairs per graft extracted) using a rotary and electrical « punch » and very precise that doesn’t damage...

In order to get a front line and natural receding hairline, the doctor will extract certain amount of grafts at the bottom of the nape where the hair is finer. Then they will be grafted in the first 2 or 3 lines above the front with the aim of “perfecting” that area which is the most visible.

It provides denser and more natural results. It doesn’t leave any scar and is less painful or annoying than Strip technique. It requires therefore a less deep and aggressive operation and it is also more meticulous and long to learn by the doctor who will need several years of experience...

« SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANT® » improved this method considerably, being transformed into something smoother and more effective with incredible results.

« PUNCH de 2 mm » : small circular  blade that  extracts circular cylindrical blocks thickness of a pencil mine.  This blade is mounted on a rotating support allowing a perfect cut

2 mm diameter «rotary punch» ready to be used with our method

2mm “rotary punch” extraction: 4 to 8 hairs per graft :

We must therefore distinguish extraction with «Punch» : 

1mm F.U.E. :                              from «2mm» rotary of our method: 

1 mm diameter FUE graft                            « 2 mm diameter graft »
= 1 hair
                                                        = 4 to 8 hairs

These « 2 mm cylindrical grafts » are rapidly implanted again one by one in a cylindrical incision practiced with the help of a frozen and not sharpened tip that limits bleeding and favours a fast transplant as well as the follow-up of all grafts.  Keeping grafts close one to the others will get a very good density and a natural look :

This technique is unquestionably the most logical and offers more aesthetic results.  It is also an operation not traumatic, safe and whose follow-up is very simple.  There are no broad sections performed with scalpel, or stitches, or bleeding.  It is not practised coagulation with electric scalpel, obtaining in this way a faster healing and above all denser and natural results from the first session on the front ... Finally, an experienced doctor can perform a large transplant in approximately 6 hours.  Beyond this time, it is not healthy for the patient…

Advantages : 

1. The technique is painless,
2. It doesn’t produce much bleeding,
3. It doesn’t need deep incisions, 
4. It is transplanted little diameter hair on the front head extracted from the bottom and back of the crown, providing much more natural results,
5. It doesn’t almost present  risks of infections or complications,
6. It doesn’t leave scars
7. permite un gran número de intervenciones sin que por ello se dañe la zona donante,
7. It   allows a large number of operations without damaging the donor area,
8. Finally, it is the cheapest method if it is calculated based on the number of transplanted hair and not (as they say in a misleading way) depending on the number of implants transplanted.

Drawbacks :

It is a difficult and meticulous operation that needs several years of training and a great skill for doctor.

This Medical-surgical operation is practiced and taught by a French doctor with over 30 years of experience in hair transplantation. He knows all mechanisms of each method and has improved the method that is unquestionably the most effective one over the years.

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En savoir plus sur cette méthode
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