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1. Hair cares

Often, the countless hair treatments proposed by capillary Laboratories of all kinds, are not only effective but can be harmful to the good health of hair and scalp.  Obviously, if this was not so, these problems would not exist ... Only those medicines for illnesses or injuries to the scalp are effective and must be prescribed by a specialist.  A cortisone cream can be effective for eczema or psoriasis of the scalp but it can destroy the underlying follicles or prevent any hair growth at the treatment area if it is abused...
A simple rule: the less products are applied your hair and on scalp, less risks you have of losing it.  All commercial products offered are not chemically neutral: they dry hair or make greasy, do sticky, irritate or damage it.  It is advisable to avoid its use unless a hair dermatologist or specialist prescribes you.

2. Shampoos and dyes

The more neutral your shampoo or dye is, the less deteriorated hair you will get :

- A shampoo with PH neutral, preferably in cream or liquid and avoid those that arise in the form of milk or transparent gels.  They should contain a minimum amount of: treatment products (for dry hair, grease, brittle, antidandruff, etc. ...), perfume dye.  You should also avoid those that mention contents called "natural" and with extracts from fruits or plants (often cause allergies), but it is better that they are vitaminated or with trace elements…

- A little aggressive and natural dye, if it is possible without ammonia or peroxide.

3. Vitamins and amino acids:

. Bepanthene, biotin,cystina B6
are the most common vitamins and often the most effective (especially in intramuscular injection), providing brilliance, growth and sometimes they even increase hair diameter.
Antidepressant, it is therefore widely used in cases of alopecia with psychic origins for its relaxing effect and active in bulb areas.
Indispensable to all tissues in growth, generating or being healed.  It also regulates the segregation of fat and reduces the creation of dandruff. 
. VITAMIN B 3 OR DB (niacin)
Promotes the synthesis of sex and thyroid hormones.  It has vasodilatation properties that improve the absorption of nutrients from the tissue.
associated with vitamin B8 (or biotin) it prevents hair loss. 
manages the provision of magnesium from food.
prevents the appearance of grey hair, an early hair loss and regulates the segregation of fat. 
lack accelerates keratinization cells in the root of the hair, which in turn obstructs the pore scalp and it suffocates follicles.  Sebaceous glands are stunted and poorly protected hair becomes brittle and tends to fall prematurely. 
Known for its antioxidant properties.  It protects the scalp to prevent sebaceous glands deterioration.

4. Trace elements : all are essential in the manufacturing process of hair.  And more especially in the case of :

Zinc is involved in the formation of sex hormones.  More effective in androgenetic baldness.
 It also has antioxidant activity and facilitates the fight against follicle ageing.
favours resistance against external aggressions of skin and scalp, as well as it helps improve dermal microcirculation.  It strengthens the hair, nails, skin and teeth.
takes part on the quality of keratin.
Magnesium protects vitamin C, B1 and B8 of too accelerated deterioration.  It is associated with zinc for the production of sex hormones.
It has among other qualities an important role of free radical and it is essential for hair follicles.
They tranquillize our nervous system and improve our overall nutrition. Therefore it helps the hair indirectly for his nutritious and sedative role.
Sulphur is known for its antiinfectuous properties and its action on all skin problems and of course those related to hair.  Sulphur is an essential link between keratin hair fibes.  It is the sulphur which gives hair its elasticity, flexibility and brilliance while it protects hair from germs and fungi that are present in the scalp.  Hence the interest of food rich in protein carrying sulphur amino acids (fish, eggs, meat) and sulphur is found in vegetables of bulb such as onions or garlic.

5. Minoxidil:

It was a casual remark which led to the discovery of its effect on hair growth.
It is a proposal to young people, male or female under 30 years when they still have a significant number of hairs.  Its first application often involves a partial stabilization rarely total, of hair loss and sometimes even a hair growth.
 In most cases, the result is not lasting and the patient leaves its tedious application (every two days) after a few weeks.  The women seem to get better results than men, but its contraindications (allergic reactions and appearance of palpitations) suggest the cessation of treatment.  We use this treatment in patients whose results are inadequate after 12 months.

6. Finastéride, Propecia, Proscar :

Finasteride is a medicine that is used only in men and it is ingested orally.  It reduces the transformation of the male hormone (testosterone) DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is responsible for androgenetic hair loss.  Its side effects are relatively uncommon: pain and swelling of the chest, disorders of the erection and loss of libido (often genetic effect).
 The cessation of treatment is often followed by a significant hair loss. We only prescribe in case of renewal of prescription transferred to another doctor or lack of results after 6 months, we stop it gradually.

7. Anxiolytic :

Anxiolytic can, both in men and in women, provide extraordinary results when used in small doses, or if we can avoid anguish.

8. Other treatments

. The mesotherapy is too long and does not provide constant results.  It is advisable vitamin treatments and amino acid (intramuscularly) for a minimum period of 6 weeks.
. Brewer's yeast. If you are given two capsules in the three meals, it can provide interesting hair growth especially after a transplant.
. Clay and hay reinforce hair strongly. .
. Androcur can sometimes stabilize hair loss.  We recommend its use if there are no side effects or if only to maintain the hormonal balance associated with Minoxidil …
. For the rest of treatments do not spend your money needlessly.

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