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Indeed, at present there are only: 3 hair transplant techniques in the world ...

To advise in understanding the various methods of hair transplantation proposed in the world, you will find in the pages of this Web site all the descriptive and useful information that will allow you to understand in a more precise way these method.

In sections on the left: an overview and detailed explanations of each of the methods used.  In sections on the right: a quick trip on the pages of summaries.

We will allow you, with this information, making the most appropriate selection of the method and avoid, in this way, serious mistakes caused by a not thoughtful election.

You will find, for each of the methods: An explanation of the lexicon used.  Its description, advantages and disadvantages.  A comparison chart, graphic summary and analysis with photos that will help you to understand and to slowly make your choice :

1 - A method mainly made in "commercial" Transplant Clinics 
«The Strips method» : removal a strip of scalp (divided with he help of a scalpel), pulled up cranial bone, and then be cut into cubicles approximately 1 millimetre wide, containing approximately 1 to 2 hairs (often 3 or 4).  It performs cubicles transplants in a drill practiced in the implanted area.  In this type of operation the doctor deals, often, only the removal of the strip.  Operation will last less than half an hour.
2 - The method of "Strips" is increasingly, by its painful consequences, rejected by the patient.  Another method tends to replace
«FUE»: : removal of a tiny cylindrical graft less than one millimetre diameter containing approximately 1 hair.  The extraction is done strongly using a tool called «manual punch * ». Then it is implanted in the transplantation area, in a cavity performed with a thick needle.  This method has the disadvantage of removing too small and fragile grafts.


3 -  A dermatological meticulous method:
is used in « SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANT ® » : it is extracted 2mm cylindrical diameter grafts with 4 to 8 hairs.  They are taken with « rotary punch* » of precision that does not damage the graft.  They are implanted in the middle of the hair (which means that we don’t have to cut it), and within a cylindrical cavity performed with non sharpened and frozen needle (which will prevent bleeding).  It is the meticulous method used by specialist dermatologists in hair transplants.  Denser and natural results are obtained.  It doesn’t cause painful scars or annoying.  It requires less deep and traumatic operation than Strips method and it is more meticulous. The doctor who uses this method will need years of experience to a total mastery of his art. "SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANT ® 'perfected this method to the extreme to make it even more smoothly and efficient with incredible results.

« punch » : circular cutting blade that allows extracting cylinders the size of a pencil mine and it will  be used : 
    - Manually, it will be extracted strongly 1mm graft section used in "FUE" :

    - In its automatic mode.  The punch turns and extracts in a perfect cut some 2mm cylindrical grafts.  This method is the one we prefer.


If you could choose which method would you select

1. The cut of your scalp that will cause pain and scars…

2. The cut of your scalp that will cause pain and scars...

3.A method that will provide a natural and dense result  without scars or pai...

Cliquez sur la vignettes pour en savoir plus

Cliquez sur la vignettes pour en savoir plus

Cliquez sur la vignettes pour en savoir plus

=   « Strips »
Scalp trimmed with scalpel, in small cubes containing 1
to 3 hairs.

= « F.U.E. » :
1 mm diameter cylindrical grafts containing 1 hair

= de « 2 mm »
diameter cylindrical grafts: 4 to 8 hairs


French prestige doctors in the field of hair transplantation have created "LA ROMANA RESEARCH CLINIC 'located in La Romana - Dominican Republic -.  They use their experience in the administration of our Center for Research and Training of medical specialists, teaching their own transplant methods whose result is exceptional and is used in France for many years.  SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANT ® is a new form of "mini" transplant without scars, or pain.  With a result that brings 3 to 6 times more hair in a session than with other methods.

 You can contact BRETECHE Clinic
 -by E-MAIL this site :
- Requesting a full consultationwith the aim of determining the status of your alopecia and introduce a budget for its reconstruction,
Or transmitting your questions using the form provided for this purpose

- Or directly: calling us at (from France) or + 33 (from another country that is not France)


 AND THEY ARE GUARANTEED: We obtain a density up to 3 times more important than with strip technique and up to 6 times more than with F.U.E.

Use the sections in this margin for quick navigation. In a few clicks of the mouse you will get the answers to your most important questions.

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En savoir plus sur cette méthode
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