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« FUE » consists in the extraction of cylindrical grafts of 1 mm diameter (most times of a hair). The extraction is done with strength and with the help of a manual “punch” to  implant  again in a  shaved area within a small incision made with the help of a thick needle.

* « punch » : small circular cutting blade at the tip of a tool that lets you extract 1 square mm grafts.


1. It is not painful

2. It doesn´t produce abundant bleeding,

3. It doesn’t need deep stitches

4. It doesn´t produce infections or complications.

5. It doesn´t leave scars

6. It allows a big number of operations without damaging the donor area


1. The grafts, often with less than 1mm diameter, are strongly uprooted with the help of a tool that is inserted as a needle,

2. It´s an operation in which 40 to 60% of the grafts do not grow  since the more reduced it is the diameter less possibility has of success 

3. The density of the result forces to do 3 or 4 operations (sometimes more) to get a little dense look,

4. You will pay 1,000 grafts to obtain a maximum of 400 to 600 hairs which are growing.

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En savoir plus sur cette méthode
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