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If you prefer to be operated in France, we offer you our medical surgical facilities located in the Hair Clinic Bretéché in Nantes.


The Hair Clinic Jules VERNE belongs to one of the most prestigious French clinics. It consists of a complete structure of surgeries and medical operation rooms . Hair operation rooms are exclusively for hair operations and any other medical surgical practice takes place there (even those involving aesthetic medicine).  We have taken this decision for reasons of hygiene and to avoid any risk of nosocomial infections.

All  used material is disposable or sterilized following detailed rules of the clinic.  Instrumentalists have a diploma that shows their reputation for cosmetic surgery and whose experience in the hair surgery is over 10 years.

The clinic Bretéché : 
. Tel. (33) Ø2.
. FAX : (33) Ø2.
. Email :
. Web :

French doctors who speak English :
. Tel. (33) Ø6.
. FAX : (33) Ø2.
. Email :
. Web

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En savoir plus sur cette méthode
En savoir plus sur cette méthode
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