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«LA ROMANA RESEARCH CLINIC» is a surgical clinic, newly built and located within the surgical group Clinics in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC which brings together doctors and surgeons in many countries including hair  French specialists who have, many of them, like guarantee to be operating numerous French and foreign celebrities over 30 years.

LA ROMANA clinic is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, and it is very near to the prestigious 5-star hotel-residence: «CASA DE CAMPO».  The clinic has an entire floor reserved for hair transplant.

As well as the charm of one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, it adds a medical surgical equipment technologically pointer that uses the most innovative tools of doctor market. We pay attention to the quality, cleanliness and hygiene of our technical materi

LA ROMANA has been selected to appear as the new center for research and training activities of this innovative method and absolutely effective: SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANT ®.  This technique that uses 2 mm grafts is commonly used in France by different doctors and dermatologists.

We pay attention to the knowledge and professionalism of our employees.  Our operation team, consisting of surgeons, doctors and anaesthesiologists (all medical professionals and graduates), as well as our nurses and hairdressers, are available and attentive to your questions at all times to answer them in the precise way.

Values and ethics

LA ROMANA clinic can boast of being nowadays, the only clinic in the world which dared to abandon the "strip" technique.  This technique is famous for being the fastest and easiest method for the doctor but also the most aggressive for the patient.
Contrary to what happens with strip method, SCARLESS HAIR TRANSPLANT ®  method provides:

 - A 100% natural appearance
 - No scar
 - No risk of damage to the extracted area
 - The possibility to make as many extractions as needed (up to 400 grafts 6 hairs each, that is 24,000 hairs)

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En savoir plus sur cette méthode
En savoir plus sur cette méthode
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