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 The clinique

 The operation


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The development of our operations

1. The first «on line» consultation and two photos must be sent by e-mail or post. They will determine: 
a. If there are medical or local contraindications, 
b. if it is an useful and appropriate operation (sometimes the signs are not good because of insufficient donor area in size or density…) 
c. strategy to choose: sometimes you can get new hair with several operations, sometimes a single operation is enough.  We can even choose a single   operation in the crown area or front.

2. Our administrative team will send you all the necessary documents for the operation by mail. All these documents should be sent again via FAX or SCANNED BY MAIL, attaching the first payment one month before the date of operation (otherwise we could cancel the appointment)
The documents we will send you BY MAIL are obligatory and they must be followed completely and signed. Those who have copy they should sent us again.
They include: 
a.  The preoperative rules (original and copy) 
b.  The indications on operation and its risks (original and copy) 
c.  The blood test: constant blood clotting and possible infection (AIDS, hepatitis B, which require the disposal of the instruments after operation) 
d.  The legal contract of obligatory operation written by our insurance (original and copy) 
e.  The budget will be the "guarantee" (original and copy)

3.  We will contact you for the second time via telephone in order to agree a date for operation. THE COPY OF DOCUMENTS MUST BE SENT AGAIN TO OUR ADDRESS ACCOMPANIED OF THE BANK TRANSFER OF HALF THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE OPERATION.


4. Consultation with the doctor the previous day of the operation :
the doctor will examine the patient and make a summary of the chosen formulas.

5. On operation day:
a. The doctor will perform a drawing of the area which was agreed transplant and operation will take place after full and openly acceptance by the patient.
b.  OPERATION: We remind you here that the operation is not painful, however entails: intramuscular of premedication and local anaesthesia scalp to be conducted under sedative if there is certain sensibility.  Indeed, if you want to have the possibility of a medication more or less important that lets you doze or sleep and thus lose the notion of time.
c. The operation is performed by a medical team consisting of a minimum 3 persons.
d.  The duration of the operation, in a small dermatological surgery room specialized in hair transplants, may take four hours to transplant a quantity of 300 400 grafts, 6h30 for 600 grafts.
We will offer you fruit juices and biscuits (anti-hypoglycaemic) in the rest time. For healthy people the operation doesn’t have any particular risk.

The bandage… Experience and for various reasons, we put a compression bandage on the head of all of our patients after operation:
1. Mainly to prevent grafts from falling due to a crash (when leaving or entering a car, remember that you can’t drive until the day after the operation) or to prevent bad  movements during sleep.
2. In order to avoid any night bleeding that might occur the first night.
3. Lastly, and most importantly, to clean properly the scalp area the following day.  We eliminate this form scabs that had formed after a possible bleeding.
The patient must spend with this dressing all night.  We will take it off next morning.

6. The first night after surgery. It will be developed into a hotel near the clinic.  You can have dinner properly always avoiding alcohol or take aspirins ...  You will sleep conveniently with medication we will give you. You do not need any medication against pain and you will have a doctor available to you in LA ROMANA 24/24h or displacement.

7. Elimination of bandage the next morning… It is neither painful nor awful, but it needs at least half an hour of curing, cleaning and drying of hair to acquire a presentable look ...  You can use, if you desire, a cap that we will show you how to put on your head ...

The doctor will attend you in order to explain in detail the postoperative advice to be transmitted in writing.  He will also deliver a medical prescription for the local treatment.

The first month after surgery…

For three days, morning and evening you should apply an antiseptic.  From the fourth day, a morning and evening application of the ointment FUCIDINE 2% that will prevent infection and facilitate the fall of the scab ...  ONLY THIS!
Shampoo and pool from the fourth day, intensive sport from the day 15, no shock in your head until day 30 (sport balloon ,...) and having a bath at sea permitted (head under water) from 30 days after the operation

But CAUTION: Never again must endure reddening sun in the head.  Damage and hair grafts.
For one year, shall be transmitted to the doctor all personal situations involving medical conditions, incidents on the scalp, emotional shock or stress.  In order to check the possible alterations that involve such situations in the transplant done.

About 30 days after the operation: you must go to the doctor to notify your state.

6 months after the operation: to send the doctor an email to inform him of you evolution. This is the moment that all patients are disappointed by the results because they still don’t perceive a remarkable growth, the diameter and density are still weak.  The doctor will check if there is any problem (in almost all cases it doesn’t exist) and he/she will encourage you requesting patience...

At 12nd month follow up… 'It Starts perception of successes…: to send the doctor an email, accompanied by photos, to inform him of your developments.  This is the time when the patient has the long-awaited outcome and feels satisfied with the growth and density of hair.  Don’t  disappoint your doctor: send him detailed photos by e-mail or post.  But it is important to know that an improvement will continue until the 18 th month.

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En savoir plus sur cette méthode
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